Individual giving

Dôme central de la galerie des machine peinture de Louis Beroud

Make a donation

Private individuals can support the Musée Carnavalet in many ways:


Financial donations entitle you to a tax rebate of 66% of the amount of the donation regardless of the donation amount, limited to 20% of your taxable income with the possibility of carrying over for five years if the threshold is reached.

To make a donation to the Musée Carnavalet – Histoire de Paris, please send a cheque payable to “Paris Musées” by post to the following address:

Paris Musées
Service comptabilité
27 , rue des Petites Écuries
75010 Paris

To receive a tax receipt and benefit from the tax reduction available for private patrons, please enclose a letter explaining that this is your wish. You will then receive a tax receipt at the postal address you provide.


Gifts of artworks to the Musée Carnavalet through Paris Musées entitles you to an income tax rebate of 66% of the amount of the donation and full exemption from transfer fees.


Notarised donations are similar to gifts in principle but they are accompanied by a notarial deed through which the owner sets out the conditions for conserving and displaying the work.

Notarised donations are eligible for full exemption from transfer fees.

The Public Institution Paris Musées, on behalf of the Musée Carnavalet, can receive all types of donations, complete or subject to a usufruct.


Temporary transfer of usufruct occurs when the owner does not wish to disassociate themselves definitively from their property. Temporary transfer lasts for at least three years or may be a lifetime annuity, during which the owner benefits from an exemption from wealth tax on the item in question and an exemption from any income tax that the item generates.


Bequests are made through a will by a private individual who wishes to support a certain cause after their death. They are eligible for full exemption from inheritance tax. Paris Musées, on behalf of the Musée Carnavalet, can receive all types of bequests (universal, individual or verbal).

During the settlement of the succession, the notary will inform the City of Paris of the bequests granted and the examination of the case can begin until the Conseil de Paris authorises the acceptance of the bequest.


During the settlement of an inheritance, the heirs may decide to give a financial donation to Paris Musées for the Musée Carnavalet. This donation must be made definitively and in full ownership and entitles the donor to exemption from inheritance tax on the sum donated.