Letter from Madame de Sévigné to Madame de Grignan, her daughter

Marquise de Sévigné (1626-1696)

    • February 2, 1671
      One leaflet, one handwritten page in black ink
      Acquisition before 1912

Presented in the Madame de Sévigné Room of the Carnavalet Museum in 1912, this handwritten note is exceedingly rare, since most of the letters from the marchioness to her daughter were destroyed. The correspondence of Madame de Sévigné—nearly 1,372 letters have been inventoried—exists mainly as copies or in truncated editions.

This is the second letter that has been conserved and was addressed to Françoise-Marguerite two days after her installation in Provence. Very much affected by the coming separation, Madame de Sévigné mentions the very probable donation of a ring.