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Graphic arts room

The Graphic Arts Room

The graphic arts room is closed since October the 1stWe apologize for any inconvenience. For urgent matters you can reach us by e-mail

Boasting around 475 000 pieces, the Graphic Arts Room of the Carnavalet Museum is one of the biggest in France. It was formed of four collections which were initially grouped together but are now separate: Drawings, Photographs, Prints-Postcards, and Posters.

Prints are divided into several sets:

- the usual collection, classed into four themes: "Parisian topography", classed thematically (street name, monument, etc.), "portraits", classed alphabetically by the name of the subject, "history", classed chronologically (date of the event), and "lifestyle", classed thematically (transport, professions, etc.).

- the reserve, where the plates are classed by the artists’ names in alphabetical order.

- several special collections, like the Nadar (aerostation) collection, or the Quentin-Bauchard collection (caricatures of the Commune).

The collection includes purely documentary works as well as artists’ proofs, and all the leading names in engraving and lithography are represented there, such as Abraham Bosse, Israël Sylvestre, Janinet, Debucourt, Devéria, Daumier, Méryon, Goeneutte, Decaris and Desmazières.

Researchers can access the engravings in the usual collection by contacting the relevant officials. The drawing, poster and photography collections are not directly accessible for conservation and handling reasons. However, researchers can obtain information and communications about the works from the members of staff in charge:

Head of Department: Jean-Marie Bruson
Drawings: Miriam Simon
Prints: Charlotte Lacour-Veyranne
Photographs: Françoise Reynaud, Catherine Tambrun
Posters: Jocelyne Van Deputte
Telephone: (switchboard), then the name of the member of staff you wish to speak to.

A large part of the drawings, engravings and photographs in reserve can now be viewed by professionals online in the form of digitised reproductions on the www.roger-viollet.fr website. A smaller, themed selection is also available to the general public on the www.parisenimages.fr website.


Cabinet des Estampes du musée Carnavalet
29, rue de Sévigné
75003 Paris
Fax. 01 44 59 58 10

Open from Tuesday to Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm, by appointment only.