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Reproduction orders

Reproduction orders


Visuals of the works held at the Carnavalet Museum along with general views of the museum, the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame Square and the Paris Catacombs can be obtained from the organisation in charge of the digital reproduction and promotion of the photography collections of the City of Paris: the Parisienne de Photographie. Any requests for reproduction or publication must be sent directly to this organisation.

•    The Parisienne de Photographie, a local semi-public company, is in charge of the distribution and management of reproductions of works intended for exhibitions, catalogues and research work. A selection of pictures is available on the www.parisenimages.fr website.

•    Its subsidiary, the Roger-Viollet agency, is in charge of the commercial distribution of the pictures to press, publishing and advertising professionals. The digitised collections are accessible to professionals online on the www.roger-viollet.fr website.

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 Crédit photographique: Salle Lagrenée © DAC - Antoine Dumont