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The Numismatics rooms

The Numismatics Room

Today the collection has four main sets of exhibits:

A. French coins and coins found in France, struck in Paris or found in Paris: Gallic, Roman, Merovingian, Carolingian, Capetian, French royal and revolutionary coins.
The collection offers a complete overview of the numismatic history of France.

B. French medals from the Old Regime to the present day.
The collection has a particularly fine set of popular medals from 1789-1799 and 1848-1851, the first collection of this kind in France.

C. French tokens, from the Middle Ages to the present day.
The Old Regime is particularly well represented in this collection, which includes many restrikes.

D. Monetary coin dies and medal coin dies, mostly from the 19th century.
Once a collection which was originally mainly intended for exhibition, the Numismatics Room at the Carnavalet Museum has become an essentially study-oriented collection.


Based on the third floor at the Hotel de Saint-Fargeau in a pleasant and convenient setting, it is largely accessible to researchers.


Researchers are welcome by appointment with the head curator responsible for the room.
Tel.: / E-mail: thierry.sarmant@paris.fr