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The Society of Friends of the Carnavalet Museum

The Society of Friends of the Carnavalet Museum

This is an association governed by the law of 1901 and recognised as of public interest, which was founded in 1927, under the Presidency of Marshal Lyautey, by a group of lovers of art and the history of Paris.
The aim of the Association is to help enrich and embellish the museum’s collections. It also contributes to their dissemination both in France and abroad. Its resources come from subscriptions, member donations and sponsorship actions. Through its sponsorship-seeking actions, conferences, trips, publications and exhibition help, the association of Friends of the Carnavalet Museum provides an essential contribution to the life of the museum.

Further information: www.amisdecarnavalet.com

Crédit photographique: Salon bleu Genlis © DAC - Antoine Dumont